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Being the leading precast concrete manufacturer in the region, we provide complete package of services through our various teams of experts and specialists. SMEET’s Precast division is the largest & the most advanced single factory in the MENA region located at Mesaieed Industrial City and offers a massive area of 300,000 m2. In addition to this, it has three production facilities based across the State of Qatar- Lusail, Duhail & Industrial Area.

The product portfolio comprises of various types of precast products such as:

  • Wall Panels
  • Multi-storey Integrated Frame Structures
  • Industrial Frames
  • Hollow Core Slabs
  • Tunnel Segments
  • Special Infrastructure
  • Marine Precast Concrete Units

The Precast production facilities are also equipped with high-tech machines to produce an extensive range of Rebar products like specialized welded wire mesh and cut & bend in compliance with project requirements conforming to International Standards.

Our team possesses a great deal of knowledge which has been acquired through long years of work experiences in Europe, Asia and Gulf countries.

With the hands on experience and expertise gained from the high profile projects executed since its inception, SMEET’s Precast division has established itself as the preferred precast manufacturer in the region.

Few key Projects to mention are:

  • Barwa Al Baraha 32 Nos. G+3 Labour Accommodation Buildings, Phase 1
  • Barwa Al Baraha 32 Nos. G+3 Labour Accommodation Buildings, Phase 2
  • Development of Internal Security Force (ISF) Camp at Duhail
  • Doha Metro Red Line North Underground – Tunnel Segment
  • Doha Metro Red Line South Underground – Tunnel Segment
  • Abu Hamour Surface & Ground Water Drainage Tunnel Lining Phase 1
  • Qatar National Museum
  • Al Sadd Stadium
  • Gems School G+2 Building (Westminster School)
  • Retaining Walls for Qatar Petroleum Refinery at Mesaied
  • Lekhwiyah Sport Zone Phase 2 Service Tunnel

SMEET Precast Building Systems

Braced Frame Systems: Widely used for multi-storey buildings up to more than 20- storeys-high. The horizontal stability is provided by precast concrete cores for staircases and or lift shafts acting as a unit shear wall. The structural frame is commonly composed of rectangular columns and beams.

Bearing Wall Structures: The system is an assembly of bearing and non- load bearing walls with hollowcore slabs or other types of precast floorings. Wall panels acting as bearing walls are designed also to take and transmit in-plane horizontal forces to the foundation.

Precast Facades: Dual function system in both being decorative and structural. It constitutes an economic solution since it reduces the need for columns, beams and shear walls.

Precast Floors and Roofs: Prestressed hollowcore slabs are the most widely used type of precast floorings, known for its structural efficiency, economy, reduced weight, smooth and flat underside. Slab width is 1200mm and available in different depths and can span up to 20m between supports.

Wall Panel Systems: Precast cross-wall systems providing free spaces between load-bearing walls giving the architect freedom to design the interior according to the requirements of the client.

Precast Facades: have a dual function in being both architectural and structural. They support vertical loads from the floors and the structure above and or can be used in combination with structural frames as in cladding panels.

Integrated Frame & Skeletal System: The system is suitable for buildings requiring great degree of flexibility. This is very important in industrial buildings, shopping malls, parking structures, sporting facilities and also in large office buildings.

Hollow Core Slabs & Stairs: Prestressed hollow core slabs offer many advantages over cast in-situ floors, e.g. economy and speed of erection. They are mainly used in buildings with larger spans as in shopping centers, carparks, office buildings, hospitals, schools & industrial buildings, etc.

Precast Stairs: is very popular in Europe, a quality alternative to traditional labor intensive cast-in-situ stairs. Precast concrete staircases are very practical because of the quality of finishing and cost efficiency.

Non-standard Infrastructural Precast: Retaining walls are efficient structural components for storing granular materials in bulk. They are free-standing, acting independent from adjacent units therefore easy to be dismantled and relocated in other areas where needed. Normally culverts are rectangular in cross-sections produced in factory settings and installed on-site in segments. They are ideal in routing irrigation water or waste water discard, beneath city streets or under road and railroad embankments. As specified by consultants, socket and spigot joints are sealed or left unsealed.

Special Infrastructure Precast Units: Precast concrete is highly sophisticated product that can be customized to highest standards in accordance with client's stringent requirement. SMEET Precast with its vast highly automated Precast Factory is well structured to have capacity for big volume of Special infrastructure Precast Units.

Special Infrastructure Precast Units of interest are:

  • Railway Sleepers
  • Slab Track
  • Tunnel Elements
  • Quay Walls

Engineering Design, Manufacture, Transport and Installation

Engineering Design: SMEET PRECAST's Design Team who are highly experienced in the field of precast construction can provide precast and value engineering solutions during various stages of design developments. The team works closely with clients & consultants, from initial design till completion.

Manufacture: SMEET's Precast Factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which produces high quality precast components. Our precast elements are produced in most modern automated production facilities using tilting tables, battery moulds, specialized moulds, in-built vibrators and curing systems.

Transport & Installation: SMEET's Precast Division has an extensive transport fleet, consisting of A-Frames, Flat Bed Trailers, Mobile Cranes and Crawler Cranes together with experienced operators and installation crews, there by ensuring an efficient delivery and installation services.

SMEET Precast's specialized installation crews have been trained to ensure a safe system of work at all times during installation.

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